In the footsteps of the pilgrims through the Trentino

In the footsteps of the pilgrims through the Trentino

The relationship between Trentino and religion has ancient and profound roots. The fundamental role that [sacred architecture] (inner link) has in the geography of the city would be enough to testify to it. But the size of this relationship is such that it crosses the boundaries of the city, losing itself in the surrounding area.

There is a wide variety of pilgrimage sites in the province of Trentino: monasteries, churches, hermits, which are visited by pilgrims from all over the world to pray and meditate.

Among these some of the most important, worth mentioning are the sanctuary of San Romedio in Val di Non, that of the Madonna delle Laste in Trento the hermitage of San Colombano near Rovereto and the Shrine of the Comparsa in Montagnaga Of Pinè.


The pilgrimage site of San Romedio

The Pilgrimage site at the Nonsberg, consecrated to the Saint Romedius, offers an impressive picture, not only because of its location on a 90-meter-high ridge. Here, churches, chapels and a small monastery tract belonging to different epochs (the oldest buildings probably date back to the eleventh century) form an ensemble that is unlike any other. The heart of the pilgrimage site is the tomb of San Romedio.


The pilgrimage church Madonna delle Laste

Situated on a hilltop in Trento, the pilgrimage church was the destination of countless pilgrims who sank into prayer in front of the fresco of the Madonna, especially in the 16th century. According to the legend the fresco was deliberately damaged and therefore – together with the accompanying wall – had been brought into the new pilgrimage church by 40 men.


The hermitage of San Colombano

Three kilometers from Rovereto you can visit the imposing hermitage of Saint Columban, an Irish migrating monk of the 6th century, which is reached by a total of 102 steps. The pilgrimage site is open from Easter to September.


The pilgrimage church in Montagnaga di Pinè

In the place where the pilgrimage church of Montagnaga di Pinè stands today, 1729 and 1730 the Mother of God were to appear five times. Since then, the Church has been the destination of countless pilgrims.