The athletes’hotel in Trento

Trento has been the heart of volley and basketball for years, not only nationally, but also internationally recognized. Therefore, many professional teams stop in the city and what they look for is a hotel, which is adapted to their very special needs. The Hotel Everest is exactly that and so we had the honor to accommodate most teams in the city.

This is because we’ve accumulated a lot of experience in the accommodation of athletes and teams over the years, and we know exactly what the clubs, those responsible the athletes are all about.

Our restaurant, for example, is dedicated to meeting special diet plans, which are developed together with the nutritionists of the teams and adapted to the needs of a professional sportsman.

In addition, we have our own (long-size) rooms for large athletes, especially basket and volleyball players, with beds of 2.10 meters in length.

So if you are looking for a hotel in Trento for athletes, teams and professional clubs, we are at your disposal. Together we organize the optimal stay during your away game.