Wine tour through the Trentino

Alla ricerca di vini nelle cantine del Trentino

Teroldego, Marzemino, Nosiola: If you are a wine lover, these names will make your heart beat faster, because it is the three most popular grape varieties grown in Trentino. A holiday in the country should therefore also be used to discover the fascinating wines, which are pressed from these grapes.

Trentino is one of the most important wine producers in Italy, a wine tour through the country is therefore a must for every passionate amateur oenologist. A tour with a strong cultural aspect as some of the wineries represent also architectural highlights and offer interesting cellar tours combined with wine tasting.

By the way, cellars are not the only ones to benefit from the grapes cultivated in Trentino. Numerous distilleries are also spread over the country, which produce excellent schnapps, grappe and liqueurs.

We admit, the selection from all the cellars and distilleries, is not easy, but we met one for you and recommend a visit to the following establishments: