Trentino palaces and castles

The beauty of Trentino palaces and castles

Those who travel through the Trentino region will find castles and palaces (a total of around 300), which offer a glimpse into the history, but also hide a secret.

Their origin, however, is wrapped in mystery. It is not well known when these structures appeared for the first time here. However, it is possible to trace with certainty a continuity line that dates from the Roman times when the ancient fortifications were destroyed during the barbarian invasions, to the Longobard and Carolingian, where strong military and mural residences were built.

Until then, the castles seem to have had a military character and served as fortifications against hostile invasions. It is only from the 15th century that they are used more and more for residential purposes. They become domiciliary residences and end their military characteristics towards the end of the 16th century. What remains are luxurious domiciles of aristocratic families who are spread like knots in a network all over the country.


The network of Trentino castles

This network of Trentino castles still exists today. It is a cultural alliance that makes it possible to coordinate events, develop programs, drive research, and promote this historic and vast heritage.

At the same time, the network of Trentino castles is a true highlight for every visitor to the country. Citing them all would of course be impossible to see their considerable number, therefore here comes a little and fine selection. A visit to the castle of Buonconsiglio of Trento, with its miraculous frescoes, is worthwhile; Castel Beseno, placidly lying on a hill overlooking the valley of the Adige; Castel Toblino, which is reflected on the surface of the lake; Castel Thun, reopened to the public in 2010.